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Where is whoggga located?

whoggga was founded as a networking alternative for the Long Island community. However, we understand that networking isn’t just not working for people on Long Island, so we plan to expand and add some whoggga into business communities throughout the US. Stay tuned for announcements.

Can anybody be a whogggi?

A whogggi is a business with a specific mindset, someone genuine and abundance minded. That isn’t enough to get you “in” to whoggga though. Our Industry Coalitions also have specific industry-oriented criteria you must meet before joining as well.

Do you allow guests?

We allow guests that have gone through our vetting process and are interested in seeing what whoggga is all about. If you have a guest you want to bring, or you are a potential guest, please reach out to concierge@whoggga.com to start the process.

What does "invite-only" mean?

Exactly what it says. To become a whogggi, you must be invited in. Do you think you would be a good fit? Request an interview today.

What does whoggga mean?

The who in whoggga focuses on “who you are” as a person. In whoggga, we believe in the person before the profession.

When are whoggga meetings?

whoggga huddles happen at many different times, and we regularly switch up the dates and times of huddles to allow as many people to attend as possible. We love your feedback about what days and times don’t work for you. For the current calendar, visit www.whogggapp.com

How do you determine your G power?

A G power isn’t decided by how many years you are in business. It is the STAGE you are in your current business. All whogggis determine their own G power, which is then confirmed by the Chief whogggi Officer(CwO).

Is there an attendance policy?

There is no attendance policy. A whogggi doesn’t ask “where were you?!” A whogggi asks “is everything okay?”

How much does being a part of whoggga cost?

Our membership fees are easy. GN‘s pay $99 a month. GX‘s pay $199 a month. G1‘s pay $299 a month. G2‘s pay $399 a month. G3‘s pay $499 a month. That’s it. No additional fees, ever.

Are there additional membership fees?

We keep membership fees simple. Besides your monthly membership fee there are no activity fees, no quarterly dues, no breakfast costs, no termination fees…

Do you have a code of conduct?

Yes we do, you can view it here.

How long does it take to feel "whoggga"?

New things take time, so here are some whoggga secrets to get the most out of your invite-only network:

  1. Don’t fear the unknown.

You joined whoggga for a reason – to be part of a community.

So… be part of that community! The very fact that you joined this community tells us you know the unknown also comes with opportunity. To make the most with whoggga, you are going to need to let go of this fear and accept new opportunities with open arms.

  1. Own the whoggga.

We started whoggga because we wanted an alternative to networking. We soon found out that whoggga is much more than that…

It is a philosophy, something you can apply to create a happier way of doing business. Scratch that, a happier way of living life.

For some of you, whoggga will become a way of life. This philosophy will change your life for the better, it certainly changed ours.

  1. Give it time.

The whoggga philosophy stresses relationships before business. Last time we checked; relationships don’t happen overnight, at least not the ones we wanted.

You joined whoggga because you understand that meaningful relationships are more valuable. “ROI” in whoggga means, Return on Inclusion. The more included and involved you are with the whoggga community, the more you will gain (we designed it that way, trust us) …

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