Connect with a vetted community of business owners with shared values, because you need a networking alternative.

Are you


Our community is made up of whogggis who have the following three qualities:


Are you someone who is truly what they say they are, truly authentic?


Do you have the mindset that there are plenty of resources, wealth, and opportunities to go around?


Are you a business owner? Being a business owner is more than a job title, it's also a mindset.

How do whogggis


whogggis connect to their community through shared values and synergies. Our variety of in-person huddles each month bring whogggis together around 3 distinct types of huddles:


Experience huddles create a fun environment to build authentic relationships with fellow business owners. whoggga hosts 2+ experience huddles per month, at least one in Suffolk County and Nassau County each. We encourage and inspire our members to share their favorite experiences with the community by hosting their own.


Support Huddles are times for whogggis to ask for help, share what is going on in your business and life, provide advice, and support fellow whogggis. Most often these look like our traditional Nooks, but these also can be whogggis coming together to support someone in their personal or professional accomplishments, or to support a cause they care about. whoggga hosts 4 of these per month at different times and locations across the island.


Our Learn huddles are times for our community to come together to learn and grow. Our whogggis are experts in their industries, and with whoggga’s help, our whogggis have a chance to provide educational information to the community. whoggga facilitates 2 educational huddles per month with education provided by our community. These can be panel discussions, collaborative education, presentations, and more.


Your G Power is how whogggi's are grouped based on their stage in business, and it is your subscription level to whoggga.




For college students looking for Entrepreneurial mentorship and resources




For business owners in that launch phase, 1 year subscription as you make the transition to business owner with the resources whoggga has for you




Discounted membership to help business owners who are in the grind.




Growing business owners




For business owners ready to give back and gratify. Receive whogggaTogether at no cost and if interested, mentor a GX , GN, or G1




Add a partner to your subscription




Subscription members on the go and/or out of state. whogggi has access to our online community but cannot attend whoggga huddles.

verbal proof

I had the pleasure of working an event for whoggga. Everyone was so much fun, polite and interesting! Glad to have experienced such a great group of people.

Cristina Abate

This organization is an amazing, out of the box, networking experience. The founders are really passionate about making impactful, unique and memorable opportunities. I have enjoyed my experience with them and look forward to connecting with them more in the future.

Nikki Theissen

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – I had to add 5 more stars here because Whoggga is amazing. Every aspect is better than the next. The people, events, meetings, and overall love are top notch. If you are a business owner, drop what your doing and reach out. You won’t be disappointed.

Dan Waldeck

I had the opportunity to meet many of the Whoggga’s not too long ago and they were a great group to host! Entrepreneurial, inspiring and active are the three words that come to mind to describe them as a whole.

Chris Tucker

whoggga is a great! The people are friendly, the events you attend are always fun and Adam is always a pleasure to be around as the coordinator. I would recommend it to anyone!

Jack Lambros

Whoggga has changed the way networking is handled. I have had the pleasure of getting to know other likeminded people who all have a drive to succeed in business and grow personally. I look forward to meeting other Whoggiiis!

Jeff Nagel

I have known Adam, one of the founders for many years and always knew him to be a visionary in the world of networking. When he told me that he and his friend, Greg, were starting a new company called Whoggga I was intrigued by the concept. They then asked me to record the on-hold and IVR messages for their phone system, which I was happy to do as the concept was so unique and I wanted to play a part in their new company. I then had the pleasure of being invited to one of their Whoggga events and got to experience the difference between this new type of networking and what I had always expected from networking events. I was blown away by the difference. The relaxed atmosphere and emphasis on making acquaintances without the pressure of walking away with getting a lead or handing out a business card. The simple act of meeting, interacting and finding common ground in a no-pressure environment really impressed me and I highly recommend Whoggga if you are looking to approach networking from a fresh new perspective.

Rob Carbone

I first met Adam in the very beginning of my career. To say he has been influential to my growth would be an understatement. Adam has a very unique outlook to how networking should be done, and was able to implement these ideologies perfectly into Whoggga. For anyone who is tired of the “normal” stressful networking, Whoggga is something to consider to grow not only your business, but to surround yourself with people who can help you grow personally.

Max Jaeger

Networking is a must in almost all facets of business’, yet some how it always felt like work. Whoggga at its core focuses on fostering fun relationships built around exciting and entertaining activities. I look forward to each event, and the best part is how the business side seems to take care of itself by just being around other driven professionals.

Jason Sattler

whoggga turns networking upside down. It’s not a networking group. It’s an invite-only community, where the owners care about each individual, and everyone is nurturing, non-competitive, and looking to make real connections. Highly recommended. Breath of fresh air for those burned out on networking!

Timothy Wan

The true power of connection. That’s what Whogga is all about. The founder, Adam Holtzer is a natural connection conduit and see’s both the personal and professional good in others. He has created a system and community around this principal and brings incredible energy. Highly recommend for the right folks who are looking to not just “network” but truly connect.

Adam Posner

Whoggga recently hosted an event at my restaurant, Fogo de Chao. Adam & his team were able to bring about 50 professionals to our venue to enjoy all that we had to offer. I was extremely happy with the turn out of the event, as we were able to bring in additional traffic on one of our slower evening. To top it off, everyone was extremely kind and took great care of our staff. It was a pleasure hosting Whoggga!

Angelica Santucci

As a first principle, whoggga is fun. The networking aspect of whoggga is incidental to the emergent culture that whoggga facilitates. Business development does happen within the whoggga network, but not because anyone is forcing it to happen. Whoggga selects for active people who enjoy spending time with likeminded professionals while engaging in a range of activities (axe throwing, kayaking, boating, fishing, hiking, wine tasting, etc.). The natural result of this is quality relationships with people you actually like spending time with.

Sean Wilsusen

Adam Holtzer is one of the most authentic people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. His approach to life, networking and business is extremely refreshing, specifically because it isn’t premised on transactional relationships. Rather, Whoggga and it’s members are genuine in their desire to understand and respect each individual without expectation thereafter. As a result, people are eager to help each other in any capacity that enhances their lives and businesses. Get involved with Whoggga. You will be happy that you did.

Brett Knopf

whoggga is a breath of fresh air in the world of networking. This unique experience groups like minded people together to Grind, Grow and Gratify in a setting where everyone can thrive and learn from each other without being pitched to (unless they decide to get together for a baseball game.) 😉

whoggga’s founder, Adam Holtzer, is a wonderful, genuine person that I have had the pleasure of knowing for some time now. The passion he has for whoggga is so strong, it’s tangible and is felt through those who know him and are affiliated with this group.

Lisa Piazza

I would not call Whoggga a networking group. It is so different than any other group I’ve been a part of. Truly amazing people who form friendships first and the business follows. This goes back to the core of Whoggga and what the owners have been able to implement. It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of. Instead of dreading to go to networking events, I actually look forward to Whoggga events

Peter Craig

I found Whoggga through one of their members I met at a local networking event. The member I had met – well It was one of those instant connections – like we’ve known each other for years. Over the course of getting to know him and a subsequent happy hour, he told me about this concept. Relationships before business. The Who in Whoggga focuses on who you are as a person. Person before profession. Taglines like “trust is our currency”. Now I’m not new to networking – but having spent the last 20 years in the institutional space with a very niche set of customers – I never had the need to really “network”. And the sampling I’ve done of traditional networking groups – they definitely lacked the personability that makes sense to me in business. Armed with my new friend relationship – I was invited to my first Whoggga event where I got to meet Adam Holtzer – one of the co-founders. Adam greeted me almost immediately upon arrival and knew way more about me than I did about him. He brings an energy to these groups and a natural conduit to connecting people that can help each other. He’s like a modern day Elmer Letterman, the life insurance salesman from depression age America that set a record for first year premiums in 1935 with a simple business practice – bringing three people to his weekly Friday lunch at the Four Seasons in NYC that he thought need to know each other. This people – first approach is kind of what the world needed. Fast forward the last four months and I’ve been invited to multiple Whoggga events – and in each case I seem to make a natural connection with someone that seems to value those types of connections as much as I do. It has led to new relationships with people that are authentic, genuine, sincere – and live their lives – both personally and professionally, with a level of integrity that we all cherish and value. That is the simplicity of the appeal – that in a world that is often very inauthentic – here is a group of real people with real values.

Robert Madden

I have so much to say about whoggga, so this is going to be a little (ok – maybe a lot) lengthy😊

2021 was, no exaggeration, the worst year for me personally. At the tail end of it, I was invited to join whoggga and things changed for me almost immediately. Words cannot express how grateful I am that I decided to accept. Though the struggles I was dealing with were still there, my perspective shifted. Joining whoggga was hands down the best investment in myself and my business that I could have made. So worth it!

I recently participated in a discussion on the Imposter Syndrome hosted by my all-female mentorship program. The question raised was, “As a young female professional, do you ever feel intimidated and uncomfortable when you walk into a business-related event and the room is primarily filled with men?” Because of whoggga – I immediately shook my head no. When I go to a whoggga event – I know I am safe. We had a happy hour a few weeks back and I was the only woman in attendance. I stepped away from the bar to answer a phone call – leaving both my bag with cash in it and my drink with the group of people I was with. When I came back inside it hit me that in any other scenario, I would NEVER do that, but because of how comfortable I am being surrounded by these amazing individuals – I didn’t think twice about it. It’s the whoggga way to look out for, encourage and support each other. whoggga creates an empowering space where, no matter where you are in life or your career, everyone is heard and respected. More women need whoggga and whoggga needs more women so if you have any doubts about whether you belong in this community – you won’t for long!

In addition to the feeling of inclusion, I appreciate that because whogggis build trust in one another through unique shared experiences, it becomes only natural that we trust each other as entrepreneurs and business partners as well. I am confident that when I refer one of my contacts outside of whoggga to a whogggi that they will do right by them and provide them with the best possible experience because we care about each other’s reputation as service providers. Everyone I have met through whoggga genuinely wants to help others improve and succeed – and when you connect people who possess that innate quality the opportunities are endless!

On a personal level, in just a few months I have formed friendships with fellow whogggis and their family and friends that I feel are stronger than some of the relationships I’ve had for many years. They say you are the sum of the company you keep and I can honestly say that I have never felt more fulfilled socially. I have come to realize that whoggga has raised the standard for the kind of humans I want to surround myself with. They radiate positivity and motivation and that inspires me to want to mirror that energy. Being a part of the whoggga-fam has made me evolve into a happier, better version of myself. My husband, Joe, a self-proclaimed homebody, does not hesitate when I say “Hey, I have this whoggga-thing going on – want to join?” Joe does the whoggga thing, be like Joe.

Nicole Craveiro

Whoggga is a concept born out of a passion for bringing people together. Being in and around the food business for years it’s a concept I’m familiar with but had never seen it translate to business networking in this way.

Attend an event and you’ll see what I mean. The people that Whoggga brings together are interesting, intelligent and giving. It was a pleasure to be in the presence of a great community that has only just begun to take shape.

Knowing their founder Adam, I know Whoggga is destined for great things and if you’re a business owner and professional on Long Island, it’s a community you’ll want to be a part of.

Sal Conca

If your looking for a great like minded group of entrepreneurs to hang out with, have a good time and make new connections Whoggga is the group for you. I made the choice to join Whoggga since it’s inception and it has been the best choice I’ve made for my business as well as my personal life. Good people good vibes. What’s better than Whoggga!?

Zach Gaudioso

I have been networking for over 30 years and I have never come across a organization like Whoggga. The organic nature of the group along with its Founder Adam Holtzer is incredible. Putting people and relationships first before business is the key to making long term relationships. If you are looking for a change both in life and business you must reach out to Adam….

Ed Cunningham

Whoggga is by far the best networking concept I have ever had the pleasure of being apart of. The connections are truly genuine and all of the whogggis are amazing people. I love the invite only aspect to the organization and believe it creates a unique combination of quality business owners that really care about the relationships they foster through the group.
The events are always a great time, very laid back and an inclusive atmosphere. You feel at home on your first event, and they are always unique and exciting.

Business is not the driving factor in the networking concept of Whoggga and I believe that is where the beauty lies. By focusing on fostering genuine relationships with quality people, the business and referrals naturally follow.

Overall I would give Whoggga 100 stars if I could. Highly recommend.

Scotts Knots

Whoggga as a connection maker and relationship builder is phenomenal! Cofounder Adam Holtzer is a magnet for genuine relationships and a master at putting people together that truly help each other, and their businesses grow. I have gained quite allot of knowledge and experience from the great people Whoggga has been made from, both in business and in my own skillset as a partner. Its very rare to find a group where your business makes gains not solely based on quantity of referrals but from also improving the quality by which you manage and grow it. Whoggga has provided those opportunities and I have been more than impressed!

Robert Saxer

I am so happy with my decision to join whoggga. In a short period of time, I have met many amazing people – friendly, caring, smart, positive, thoughtful and creative individuals. I quicky felt so comfortable with my fellow members.

The events are really fun, and a great opportunity to get know people in cool environments. This is the complete opposite of those boring networking groups. In whoggga, you meet exciting people, develop caring relationships with them, and then the work will naturally flow as you get to know one another.

I love that there is a team of great people throughout Long Island that I can reach out for help and advice whenever I need it. The positivity that comes from Adam & Gregg permeates through everyone, and is so infectious and uplifting.

I am proud to be associated with the entire group, and I so look forward to upcoming events and growth opportunities for all of us.

I gladly give whoggga my top rating – 5 stars!

Craig Wolfson

Whoggga turns networking into growing meaningful relationships and connecting with peers on a different level. It is a pleasure being part of an organization changing the game, ensuring GOOD people, GOOD relationships and GOOD times!

Kelly Rohrs

The value that Whoggga brings to professionals is immeasurable. I can not recommend joining the Whoggga community highly enough!

Brianna Carney

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