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whoggga connects business owners united by shared values through experiences called huddles because business owners need an alternative to networking


How do
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whoggga huddles

  • Nook Huddles
  • G Power Huddles
  • Powwow Huddles
  • Annual whogggaFest
  • whogggaCzat’s
  • whoggga Partner Huddles
  • HERwhoggga
  • whoggga ICE Huddles
  • whoggga & Company Huddles
  • 24/7 access through whogggApp


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Know Your G Power

Your G Power is how whogggi's are grouped based on their stage in business, and it is your subscription level to whoggga.




a whogggi in or out of college entering or looking to enter the professional business world




Someone trying to find themselves as they move towards a professional direction




For a whogggi earning their right to make it. Early stage of their journey as a business owner




for a whogggi past the grind phase looking to expand and grow both professionally and personally. Mastering the craft.




For a whogggi focused on giving back and helping others both professionally and personally




For a whogggi that is a professional or executive and wants to be an advocate for the whogggi business owner community, supporter of our culture, and code of conduct.

Find Your Nook

Nooks meet on the second Tuesdays and Thursdays of the month at the following times. You are algorithmically matched to a nook based off geographic and time preferences, and based off industry and personality.

Rise and Shine






Nosh Nook


Matinee Nook


What happens at a huddle?

whoggga hosts multiple huddles each month. Huddles are oriented around our programming themes and are an opportunity for the whoggga community to get together for an activity or experience.

We've gone fencing, tried sensory deprivation float tanks, had a taco tasting and karaoke, took a cooking class, and have even more planned for the future!

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Verbal Proof

I work at Floatopia’s Float Spa and Salt Cave and this group of lovely people came in for a big spa day! This group is extremely sweet and kind, nothing but good energy from all of them 🙂

Daisia Salgado

I had the pleasure of working an event for whoggga. Everyone was so much fun, polite and interesting! Glad to have experienced such a great group of people.

Cristina Abate

This organization is an amazing, out of the box, networking experience. The founders are really passionate about making impactful, unique and memorable opportunities. I have enjoyed my experience with them and look forward to connecting with them more in the future.

Nikki Theissen

I had the pleasure of experiencing Adam and Gregg innovative take on networking. The positive culture and energy from the relationships that are being developed was one of a kind. I highly suggest looking into!

Leigh Schuckman

I am not currently a member of whoggga but having known both Gregg and Adam for many years and given their creativity, organization skills, and talent for making and building connections between people I have no doubt that this will be a successful undertaking.

Dan Simon

Such a strong, friendly community. Even as a newcomer you wont feel like a stranger at all. Adam is an amazing leader and facilitator who only has the best in mind for everyone he meets. I look forward to interacting with this group every months, I wish I felt the same about all the other networking groups out there.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – I had to add 5 more stars here because Whoggga is amazing. Every aspect is better than the next. The people, events, meetings, and overall love are top notch. If you are a business owner, drop what your doing and reach out. You won’t be disappointed.

Dan Waldeck

I had the opportunity to meet many of the Whoggga’s not too long ago and they were a great group to host! Entrepreneurial, inspiring and active are the three words that come to mind to describe them as a whole.

Chris Tucker

Adam is a legend in the networking industry. His knowledge and expertise is second to none. Not only do I consider him a colleague but also a close friend.

Michael Okon

whoggga is a great! The people are friendly, the events you attend are always fun and Adam is always a pleasure to be around as the coordinator. I would recommend it to anyone!

Jack Lambros

Whoggga has changed the way networking is handled. I have had the pleasure of getting to know other likeminded people who all have a drive to succeed in business and grow personally. I look forward to meeting other Whoggiiis!

Jeff Nagel

Adam and the team at whoggga are amazing. I’ve known Adam personally for over a year now and his mindset and thought process for whoggga is nothing like the networking world has seen before. The warm, friendly, and inviting culture really makes whoggga feel like a true family!

Andrew Schenkel