With countless business relationship building exercises in our database, and more in development, every whoggga huddle gives you a new opportunity to connect.

Weekday Warrior is more than a cool sounding theme, it will inspire you to be your natural best. Warriors need to train mentally, physically, emotionally. In business, we are fierce warriors looking to conquer and take over the world. Do not forget to wear your armor. There are dragons, cold callers and time suckers out there we need to defeat, there to distract your focus and determination. Being a strong weekday warrior will allow you to enjoy being a weekend king or queen living the life you want in your kingdom.

Parachute is a whoggga theme every whogggi can relate to, as we have all allowed our parachutes open in life and business. This theme allows whogggis to soar to places they never imagined. It all starts with a leap. We can stay safe on the center of the mountain, with a parachute strapped to our backs and never look off the cliff to see what is in front of us, but is that how we want to live? Or we can walk up to the edge of the mountain and take the leap and let our parachute open so we can soar. Having an open mind is like having an open parachute, where will yours take you?

The good, the bad, the ugly and the magnificent is an original. This whoggga theme is no 1966 western, so don’t get it mixed up with Mr. Clint Eastwood. In whoggga, we understand life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes we focus too much on the good and magnificent, but what about the bad and the ugly. In whoggga, we inspire all whogggis to be who they are. After all, everyone else is taken. In this nook huddle, you will have the opportunity to share and learn about what your fellow whogggis are going through.

TAN is more than a cool acronym; it is an original phrase from whoggga’s co-founder, Adam. TAN stands for “Take Action Now,” meaning let’s do this, and get it done NOW. There’s a popular Chinese proverb that says, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” The key behind TAN is not deciding to act, its literally taking action, what are you waiting for.

End in Mind is a whoggga theme that goes deep into Mr. Wizdom’s philosophy. After all, how can you start something without having an end in mind? This theme will help our whogggis get where they are going with direction. Without direction, how can you get where you want to go? This follows the philosophy of planning ahead and preparing the path to get where you want to be. Remember to use your blinker if you change lanes so nothing gets in your way.

Bruises is a nook huddle theme we can all relate to in life and business. Bruises are temporary pains that make for better conversation. Be proud of your bruises, they help us grow and become stronger. No need to cover up your bruises, show them loud and proud because they make us who we are. Remember to bring an ice pack to this nook huddle, you are not alone in how you feel, we all have bruises.

Recharged is a whoggga theme that will make your cell phones and tablets jealous they cannot be a whogggi. We recharge everything around us, from Bluetooth headphones to our electric vehicles. How about recharging your mind, your body and soul (how hygge is that)? Without recharging, how will we get up to 100%? Would you only charge your phone to 80%? Didn’t think so. This nook huddle will leave you feeling recharged to take on anything, except time travel… Unlike the flux capacitor that recharges on garbage, we need to recharge in our own ways. Trust us, we consulted with Doc Brown.

Jellybeans are so hygge, we didn’t have a choice but to name a theme after them. Jellybeans will leave more than a delicious flavor in your mouth; this theme will teach you how a fellow whogggi is a different flavor than all the other jellybeans in the mix. Watch out, you never know what flavor jellybean you will scoop up if you do not know what you should be looking for.

Harmony is a nook huddle theme that originates from whoggga co-founder, Gregg. We’ve heard our whole lives about “work, life balance,” some people refer to it as, “work, life integration.” Balance is a funny word, it means equality. But how do you measure out equality as a business professional? (A magic wand might help). Do business owners or professionals turn their phone off at 5pm to find “balance?” Do we block off family time in our calendars Monday through Friday from 5pm to 8pm to find balance? As much as we want to believe in balance or integration, a more relatable term is “harmony,” a combination music notes and cords that make up a joyful sound. We find our harmony through awareness and conscious decisions. Do not over think your harmony, that wouldn’t be very whoggga like, let it flow into a symphony masterpiece that you are proud to listen to, no that’s hygge!

In The Grind is a nook huddle theme that every whogggi can relate to. There are 3 G Powers, the grind, the grow or the gratify, something every whogggi has in common is the prerequisite of “the grind”, being a G1 in their journey. Even Michael Jordan had to grind before he could grow (we learned this in Space Jam). Funny thing about Michael Jordan is that he was G3 basketball player who decided to become a G1 baseball player. The grind looks similar, but different to everyone. In this nook huddle theme you will experience learning about your fellow whogggi’s grind, what that looks like for them being a G1, G2 or G3. After all, we never stop the grind, it is a transition through growth.

Gratitude Check-In is more than showing appreciation for what we have, its feeling appreciation for what is within and around us. We make a living by the grind, but we make a life by how we gratify. This nook huddle starter theme will help whogggis appreciate what we truly appreciate most. The difficulty of balancing or integrating the “harmony” of life, is sometimes we forget to be in sync with what’s around us. Something as simple as waking up can be the most gratifying part of your day. Remember, everyday is a gift and how we open that gift helps us appreciate what’s inside (watch for papercuts).

Roots is a whoggga theme that goes deep below the earth’s surface, literally. We nourish our bodies with fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins and minerals to feel healthy and well. We consume proteins that are the building blocks of our bodies that help our bones, muscles, and tissues. Roots is a theme that will help you understand the nutrition you need as a human being, in life and business. Roots are the foundation that help trees grow to be the best they can be (yes, we consulted with an arborist to be sure). What brings nourishment to your roots as a human being? Maybe it’s mentors, friends, colleagues, coaches. What helps your roots support the mammoth of tree growing just above the surface? For this whoggga theme make sure to bring a shovel, because we plan on digging down to the bare roots of your tree (caution, bring some gardening gloves).

S- Show Up
H- Hustle
R- Repeat
E- Every
D- Day

Your “why” and “how” help the whoggga community get to know why you do what you do and how you arrived at the seat you are in today. We all have our own journeys, inspirations and paths traveled to get where we are today. Why do you do what you do and how did you get where you are by following your why?

Hygge Vibes are different type of vibes than “good vibes,” don’t believe us, ask the Beach Boys. Hygge Vibes is the core of whoggga, after all what’s more hygge than whoggga (don’t answer that). Hygge Vibes is a nook huddle theme that focuses on your “hygge state of mind.” Whether its sitting by a bon fire with friends, sipping your mudwater by the window, or relaxing on a hammock in the shade, hygge vibes are what you feel when you are in your hygge zone. Remember not let hygge euphoria turn into a two-hour cat nap, but if it does, go with it, that’s very hygge your world, express yourself.

What’s brewing in the kitchen? Is that a business opportunity I smell? YES, IT IS. Cooking up opportunities is a programming theme for whogggis to take the relationship-building process to the next level. This theme will help our fellow whogggis cook up opportunities for each other on the business stove. This huddle programming theme will have you feeling full and satisfied!

When you first meet someone the potential of the relationship is unknown. Through relationship building and rapport you can see a more clear end in mind of the relationships. The 5 i’s stand for ways to be interested and be interesting to someone we meet in business.

The 5 i’s:
1. Interested, without being interested in the person you meet, what is the point?

2. Inform, give information that will educate and help the person or their clients.

3. Invite, invite your relationship to something you are attending that they will gain value/enjoyment from

4. Introduce, connect your business relationships to connections that will be mutually beneficial

5. Inspire, how can you inspire your relationships, motivate, be accountable, help one another thrive.

Falling In Love Again is a nook theme that will make you wish Whitney Houston was next to you singing acapella. This whoggga theme was inspired by co-founder Gregg, AKA Mr. Wizdom. Falling in Love Again is about re-falling in love again, and again, and again. We fall in love every day. Somedays we are falling in love again with the same person, place, or thing, but in a new way. We should love what we do, but do we love it the same way as when we first started? We experience love for life and business through the G Power stages of grinding, growing, and gratifying. This nook theme will help you fall in love again, and again, and again, after all it’s very hygge to be in love.